Campus Ministry

"To Build the Kingdom of God Now and For the Future"
With Open Hands, Open Hearts, Open Minds

So that we may receive from God and give freely to others.
In doing so, we unite with God and with each other in the power of love.


Sr. Elizabeth Graham
Campus Minister

The purpose of Campus Ministry is to provide opportunities for each member of the Christ the King family to unite with God and with others as our brothers and sisters on this earth – our home.

We remember that we are called to be a people who are in love with God and with one another in real ways. We are called to be a people who are kind and compassionate to all. We are called to be a people who work for justice and peace in our world. We are called to become the persons whom has called us to be.

We are grateful for the gifts that God has given to us not only individually but especially through our families.

Our birth families wanted us and love us enough to see that we have the best that they can give to us –especially in education and providing opportunities for us. 

Our Christ the King family provides a home away from home with people who care and want us to develop our gifts.

Our spiritual family invites us to know and to answer the call to follow Jesus who unites us with God and with one another.

It is through the strength and love of these families that we have the courage to move into our extended families of parish, neighborhoods, city, state, country and the world and to be a healing, peaceful presence.

Together we build the Kingdom of God by making our world a better place. Our Spiritual and Outreach activities give us the opportunity to do so.



Our chapel is always open

  • People stop in to spend some time in prayer at any time during the day.
  • We have morning prayer from Scripture that shows us who Jesus was in his time on earth and how we can follow him today. Frequently, student volunteers will pray with us. 
  • Before lunch, our prayer is one of gratitude for people and events in our lives. We ask God that through the strength that we receive from our meal and our conversation to be people who make a difference in our world.  
  • Time with Father Frank
  • Father Frank is our school chaplain who comes to encourage our students in their lives of faith. He does this not only by his presence in the building but also in his conversations with them about God, the mass, the Sacraments, the church and life. Father comes as often as his schedule will allow.  He celebrates Mass and the sacraments with us.

School Masses

  • We celebrate the important events in our lives at Masses. Our school community recognizes the importance of God and that every good thing comes from God. When we worship together, we thank God for the presence of God with us and for the gifts that we have been given. We remember that Jesus lived and died as a human so that in living our human lives, we are united with the Divine life. We ask God to bless us, our various families and to give success to our plans, our hopes and our dreams if it is in accordance with God’s will for our good.
  • Our students are involved in many ways from setup to cleanup by their participation as altar servers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, readers, and in both the Entrance and Offertory Processions. The chorus add their voices to our prayer.

Class Masses

  • Each year, every religion class has its own Mass in the chapel. They experience God’s presence with their smaller class family. They write the Prayer of the Faithful, and serve as altar servers, readers and bring the gifts of bread and wine to the altar.   

Sacrament of Penance 

  • Every year, every student has the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Penance (Reconciliation) either during the season of Advent or the season of Lent.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

  • During the Junior year, students are invited to consider becoming EMHCs. EMHCs distribute Holy Communion at Masses, bless throats on the feast of St. Blaise, and distribute ashes on Ash Wednesday. In addition they help to organize our school masses and participate in various events of Campus Ministry.
  • To be an EMHC, one needs to be a baptized Catholic and to have received the Sacrament of Confirmation. One also needs the recommendation of his/her pastor. It is also recommended and expected that the EMHC volunteer in the parish.

Sacrament Class  

  • For those who have not received the sacraments of First Holy Communion and/or Confirmation. We have a class that meets once a week to prepare for the reception of the sacraments. Receiving the sacraments means that a person wants to live and worship as a Catholic. For us this means worshipping together at Sunday mass in our parishes and living the two great commandments of love of God and love of neighbor. The Sacraments are usually received in the spring. A student will receive the Sacraments when the student is ready and wants to receive the sacrament(s). 

Minute Conversations   

  • These conversations take place almost anytime or anyplace. People may ask questions, give suggestions, ask for prayers, and make comments.







Campus Ministry

Sister Elizabeth
(718) 366-7400 ext 228
Father Frank
(718) 366 7400 ext 350



  • Week of January 30 is Catholic Schools week
  • Friday, February 3 – feast of St. Blaise and the blessing of throats
  • Wednesday, March 1 – Ash Wednesday – school Mass at 8:30 followed by a Memorial for Bernie Helldorfer. 
  • Wednesdays, March 8 and 15 – Senior Retreat at St. John’s University
  • Each Senior will go one of the two days.
  • Thursday, June 1 – Graduation Mass 
  • Wednesday, June 7 – Ending of the School Year Mass

Outreach Activities:

Senior Connection

  • Our seniors greet the freshmen and new students o their first day in Christ the King High school. They go through the day with them. They show them where the various places are in the building and introduce them to their teachers, to each other and to all the people who will guide and support them. They teach them how to read their programs, open and close their lockers and how and why to use their locks. 
  • After a lunch of pizza and chips, the seniors talk about the various ways to enhance their chances for success in high school. They show them that high school is enjoyable with many opportunities not only in the classroom but also in extracurricular activities and in various opportunities for Outreach and service.

Book Fair

  • Each year people clear off their shelves at home of books, CDs and DVDs. These are then offered to people for a donation of a $1 or $2. The money is used to help people who need.

Food Drive

  • We know that there are people in our neighborhoods who suffer from a food insufficiency. Many of them do not know where the next meal is coming from. St. Matthias parish has a well-established Food Pantry where they meet the needs of a number of families in our area. At least once a year, we conduct a Food Drive to help to refill their pantry.

Support Our Babies 

  • There are mothers who have had children but need help in providing for them. Hour Children works with mothers and children who need this help. Therefore in the month of January, we collect articles that are suitable for children ages 0 to 5.

Senior/Almost Senior Prom 

  • Dry Harbor Nursing Home enjoys our students when they visit. In the spring we have an evening of music, dance, and conversation with the residents. Our Almost Seniors enjoy hearing stories from people who have lived the history that they read about in their textbooks. They receive much more than they give that night. It is a treat for everyone.


In addition, we respond to disasters in our country and in the world as we are able to. These funds go through Sisters living in the area, the Jesuits or Catholic Charities. We try to get our help directly to the people who need it.