Staff Directory

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School Phone
School Fax
Ms. Geri Martinez 246 Principal
Mr. Michael Michel 262 President
Assistant Principals
Mrs. Veronica Arbitello 256 Assistant Principal
Mr. Steven Giusto 251 Assistant Principal

Mrs. Carolann Timpone 237 Assistant Principal
Mr. Steven Giusto 240 Assistant Principal
Campus Ministry      
Fr. Frank Spacek 301 School Chaplain
Sr. Elizabeth Graham 228 Campus Minister


Email Address
Abreu, Alyssa 214 Guidance Counselor
Arbitello, Joseph
Associate Althetic Dir.
Arbitello, Veronica 256 Assistant Principal
Artale, Francesca 304 Foreign Language
Arzberger, Heather 383 Music
Barrows, Rhyan   Math 
Bellington, John 307 Social Studies
Bronnenkant, Carol 311 Religion/English
Buonanno, Susan 332 Foreign Language

Caldwell, Judy 258 Business Office Mgr.
Camilo, Julissa   Foreign Language 

Carmisiome, Elinor


Instructional Support

Cerrito, Maddie 272 Alumni
Cesare, Francesca 316 Foreign Language
Cokley, Veronica 275 President's Office
Colon, Zaadia 354 Foreign Language / Mathematics
Connelly, Chris 229 Director of Finance

DeBiase, Frank


Theatre Arts/Religion/Health


Doyle, Jennifer

256 Science
Evola-Concordia, Tina 328 Social Studies / Foreign Language
Fekkas, Kostas   Math
Finance Dept 277 Finance Dept
Fragias, Cara 325 Performing Arts
Franzetti, Paul
Gale, Michael 325 Social Studies
Giusto, Steven 240 Admissions
Grummert, Alysia 300 Art
Hollingsworth, Kendra
Jans, Anton 338
Computer Science/Science
Jans, Suzanne 273 Administrative Assistant/Main Office
Lambert, Bob 232 Custodial
Lee, Melanie
Guidance Counselor
Lewis, April
Mackey, Robert 264 Associate Athletic Director / Science
Markatos, Ryan 309 Mathematics
Mayer-Foley, Betty 349 English/Social Studies
Michel, Janine 247 Director of Instructional Support Services
Mistretta, Barbara 283 Front Desk
Mueller, Stacey 319 Mathematics  

Noren, Victor


Sports Psychology/English


Norman, Paul
237 Religion/Health
O'Keefe, Sally 213 Physical Education/Health
Ouellette, Michael 364 Science/Social Studies
Palmenteri, Jeanne 239 Book Store
Persico-Rando, Rosemarie 272 Alumni
Rehberger, Allen 366 Social Studies  
Rodriguez, Kelly   Dance
Sala, Maria 252 Administrative Assistant/Guidance
Salerni, Paul
Social Studies/ESL
LFA Representative
SanGiovanni, Teresa 373 Science
Sarrocco, Clara 233 Council of National Literatures
Scalfaro, John 374 Physical Education/Health
Scotti, Andrew 278 Guidance Counselor/Mathematics
Serrentino, Lorraine 240

Administrative Assistant Admissions / Main Office

Succoso, Marian 223 Director of Alumni
Sumsky, Cathy 243 Finance

Tapalaga, Margaret


Public Relations
Timpone, Carolann 237 Assistant Principal
Torres, Antoinetta 384 Science/Art
Turkovic, Anton 295 Trainer
Tuske, Regina 212 Nurse
Valenti, Mimi 370 Religion/English/ Health
Vinci-Castellino, Joanne
Dean/Supervisor of the Senior Class
Warmbier, Cindy 279 Admin. Asst. Cont.Ed.
Wenz, Alice 244 Facility Mgr/Pub. Rel.
Wiesner,  Marie 220 Library Director
Williams, Annette
Principal's Office
Zecca, Fran 234 Administrative Assistant/Dean's Office